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Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth day map nails

Hi guys, these were my 'map' nails - I did them last night but then when I opened the computer today I found out it's Earth day! I'm not sure what Earth day entails but it was a happy coincidence non the less!
 sorry it's been a while since my last post - among other things that are going on I have managed to snap my camera tripod in to 2 parts...oops which makes it a real pain taking decent pics of any nails I do - but I'm hoping to get a replacement soon and resume normal blogging...
 These pics do show how bright and sunny it was today though... I took the pics in my garden and the sun was really shining (still is!), it's lovely to get a bit of a seasonal change finally!
....If you haven't seen it already then check out the google logo for Earth day today.. it's really cute and you can make loads of random things happen by hovering your mouse over it - like make a little bear appear and make the bugs come out and pollinate the flowers..or make some kind of wintery ice age happen if you prefer lol.... it's fun check it out.
 Hope you like them and hope to be back soon with some more for you x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hare, there and everywhere nails.

Hi I have some new nails to show today, I decided to do hares because I reckon rabbits get more than their fair share of attention over the spring months.. I guess hares are related to more as a pagan and folklore symbol whereas bunnies got the whole 'commercial' Easter gig lol... so to even it up a bit here's some random hare facts (and nails pics):
-Hares and jackrabbits are leporids belonging to the genus Lepus
-A hare less than one year old is called a leveret
-Hares are very fast-moving animals; the European brown hare (Lepus europaeus) is able to run at speeds of up to 56 km/h (35 mph). The five species of jackrabbit found in central and western North America are able to run at 64 km/h (40 mph), and can leap up to ten feet at a time...awesome ^_^
 -A "drove" is the collective noun for a group of hares.
- Normally a shy animal, the European brown hare changes its behavior in spring, when hares can be seen in broad daylight chasing one another around meadows; this appears to be competition between males to attain dominance.
 - During this spring frenzy, hares can be seen "boxing"; one hare striking another with its paws (probably the origin of the term "mad as a March hare"). 
- Unlike the rabbit, the hare is solitary and does not dig burrows, but instead it lives entirely above ground. During the day it rests and sleeps in a form, which it makes by scraping out a shallow depression in the ground, just fitting its body when crouching low. The form may be against a hedge, in short grass, scrub or a ploughed furrow. When lying in its form with ears laid flat, a hare is well-camouflaged. 
If disturbed, it lies perfectly still, hoping to escape notice. If an enemy comes too near, however, the hare leaps up and runs away at speed, tail held downwards. Most pursuers are outrun and the hare also outwits them by swerving and running in zig-zag fashion.
 -In Britain, the hare was associated with the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre (a "Spring-like fertility goddess") and (some say) whose pagan attributes were appropriated into the Christian tradition as the Easter Bunny.
- In Irish folklore, the hare is often associated with Sidh (Fairy) or other pagan elements. In these stories, characters who harm hares often suffer dreadful consequences.
So hope you liked the nails and maybe learned something new... back soon with something new x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Unique Easter DIY

Hello... soooo.... Todays post isn't nail related (in any way) but I hope you will have a look and maybe even give this Easter D.I.Y a go for yourself... because it was pretty fun to do..if not a bit messy... take a look...

First head to the (cheapest possible) shop and grab a plain and simple choc egg and some sweeties/ decorations of your choice... pick up a cheap bag of choc buttons too no frills required here.
I got : malteaser egg £1 (comes with 3x packs malteasers inside), haribo minis multi pack 99p, milkybar buttons 50p, candy letters 39p - and I had some sprinkles at home already.
Run home!!!
Melt the extra choc you bought in a dish over a pan of water... I used a chopstick to stir it.
While the choc melts you can get your decorations ready, get your chosen sweets out and you can plan how your going to design the egg.
I tried to split the egg in 2 but as you can see it went a bit wonky ... that's life.
 I used the chopstick to apply melted choc to my sweets and stuck them on the egg.
 I had the best intentions for this project... I envisioned the finished product looking something like an edible version of this:
...but it turned out more like this:
Pretty close I think you'll agree haha...

 OK so I think I could probably do this a lot neater if I tried again - it was a bit of a learning curve at times but I'm glad I persevered ..at the very least should get points for being unique!
 Before I sealed up the 2 halves I put some remaining haribos inside and one of the packs of maltesers... I was planning on putting a note in there but I totally forgot to put it in ...oops.
 The malteaser egg came in this little basket/box thingy so I just added some pink shredded tissues to pad it out, I wrapped the egg in cling film so these pics aren't to clear..I put the other packs of maltesers in there too and it was done! Ta dah! ok so it didn't look as professional as I'd been planning but it's still pretty appealing.. and all in all it only cost me £2.87!!!!! frankly that's a bargain...
Why not.... 
Back soon x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring sherbert nails

Hi guys, hope everyone is full of the joys of spring (or whatever season you're in) I did this simple glitter manicure in nice fresh spring/sherbert colours...
...and I have a tutorial for the technique after the pics so you can give it a go if you like it.
First choose a base polish that matches your choice of glitter, I used purple, green and blue  iridescent glitters but any fine glitter works great, even loose eye glitter or body glitter works fine...it's all basically the same thing.
1. I painted 2 x coats of green polish and allow to dry (it doesn't have to be perfect coverage the glitter will mask most of it).
2. For this step, first lay down some paper to collect any loose glitter that will fall - make sure your glitter is ready near by and you have something to apply it with, I use a fan brush (in pic below) to pick up the glitter but I'm sure other implements work just as well...
 ... Apply a coat of clear polish (I usually do 1 nail at a time) and before it drys pick up some glitter and sprinkle it over the nail until completely covered.
3. Shake any excess off on to the paper.
4. Repeat on all nails, and allow to dry.
5. Once the glitter layer is dry, brush of any remaining loose glitter - I use a brush but you can just rub gently with your fingers although the brush means I get a bit less messy.
6. Apply another coat of clear polish to the nail (to avoid transferring glitter in to your nail polish bottle you can wipe off the brush on to some scrap paper - but if you have brushed off most of the loose glitter as suggested it shouldn't really be an issue).
 ...Add another thorough sprinkling of glitter to the clear polish.
7. Once again allow to dry and brush off any excess loose glitter so it's nice and neat.
8. The final step is a final coat of clear polish to hold everything in place and give the glitter that extra sparkle.
This technique is really easy and fab in any colours you like. You may remember seeing the hot pink version in my mobile phone cover nail series and I thought it was about time to share with you how to do it and how simple it is too!
 I'll be back soon take care x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Free fashion fix

 Hi guys, bit of a different post today just wanted to share something with you, I am currently a bit addicted to killing time on the Asos fashion finder site... If you haven't heard of it before it's part of the Asos website (in the outfits/looks tab) where users can put together different outfits in a kind of collage, it's really fun especially if you have no money for real shopping but want to get a free fashion fix! 

They have competitions quite regularly too and other features but I mainly just stick to making the outfits .. it's quite therapeutic once you get into it!

I joined up quite a while ago but have recently re-discovered it (and got totally addicted again lol) here's some of the looks I made since I've been back on there - If you want to see details for items in the collage click on the title and you can see all info for all the pieces in the look!

This one was quite fun I like to mess around with different ideas - it's inspired by Judy Jetson but with a bit of an update... what do you think? I kinda love it ^_^

I entered these 3 into a spring theme competition.. the competitions are actually fun to enter because they give you some inspiration for things you might not think of normally.

 I also like making outfits with interchangeable pieces like the 2 skirts here... I tried to make sure the look would work well with either skirt... I just uploaded the Paris pic to set the mood.. makes me wish I was there... I think to myself what would I love to have in my suitcase if I was going for a trip....

Love this leopard style I would like to own any/all of the items here but I think the shirt and necklace are my faves...oh maybe the bag and the bracelet etc. as well lol!

So are any of you guys familiar with the fashion finder site? ...are you going to have a look now?! haha well I apologize in advance if you ended up getting addicted! If your already joined up (or if you join up now) we can add each other as friends so head over to my profile (bonitabonbons) and I'll follow you back on there too. 
I'll be back soon with more nails don't worry, like I say just wanted to share because I think spring is that time of year when everyone is considering they're wardrobe and how they are going to break out of the winter styles and this is a fun, free way of experimenting with new ideas.
Bye for now x